The Data Thief Discovering Afrofuturism

The Data Thief from The Last Angel of History (1995)

“The Data Thief knows there is a connection between music, space, and the future.” — The Last Angel of History

“Black Futurism is, simply put, how human truths crushed to Earth rose to engage in symbolic warfare in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries of this Common Era. How a mutating nation of nobodies turned into more than the punch line of a brilliantly ironic Bert Williams song. By seeing institutional exclusion, hyperinvisibility, and massive social erasure not as impediments but as incitements, Black Futurist avatars are inspired to repurpose oppression and re-create the world anew every Goddamn day. Racism understood as a series of epic-making and epochal opportunities.” — Tate, section Thirteen

“Black Futurism is a temporally troubled matrix that thrives on opposites and oppositions, flowing lines and nonlinearity, conflict resolution and asymmetrical warfare. It prefers the mad dash on shifting sands while in pursuit of higher ground and safe havens. Such are the creative benefits bestowed on Black Futurism by the implosive depths of Black trauma, Black liminality, and the sharp edges of Black transcendentalism,” — Tate, section Thirteen



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